How to develop an iOS app in just 7 days

article Developers have been busy for the last year, working on iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad, but they’re still a relatively new technology to the tech world.As part of the developer program at Apple, developers get paid a portion of the sales of apps, but many still work on apps that haven’t yet been released for iOS.There’s still […]

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XDA Developers To Announce New Website Development Platforms – XDA Developer website

By XDA-Developers StaffPublished Aug 06, 2018 09:59:00 XDA developers have been hard at work on a new website development platform for the XDA community, a platform called XDA Web Apps.It will offer a wide variety of developers a way to build their own applications.XDA Web App will be built by XDA Team, the developers of the popular XDA app.The team […]

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