How to build a web site for crowdsourcing

You don’t have to build your own website.But the way you design it and the way that it is displayed to the public can change how your audience interacts with it.That’s where the crowdsourcing platform LetsBuild comes in.It’s not just a way to create content on a website, says LetsBuild cofounder and chief executive John Mancini.It’s also a platform to […]

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How the site is growing at Disney World

In a stunning turnaround, the site for the Walt Disney World Resort and California Adventure Resort is now available for free online.In a move that comes just weeks after Disney announced it would be making a $4.4bn investment in the theme park, Disney will offer the site to visitors for free starting at 7am local time today.The free site, which […]

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How to Create a Web Site Clone in Malaysia

Malaysian website developer Matrimonial Website Development company Malay Internet Services (MIS) is launching a new service to help web developers who are facing issues with their own website clone.The new service, which has been launched with the help of a team of Malaysians and foreign developers, aims to help foreign developers get their web site clones up and running in […]

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