How to use the FourFourSecond app

The latest version of the FourfourTwo mobile app is available on the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and the Apple App Store.The new version of Fourfourtwo, which was released in January, is a much more powerful version of fourfourtwo.It allows you to set up a website and has a number of features to make it more mobile-friendly, including a […]

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Business Insider’s best websites for beginners

We’ve all heard the saying “I’m a website developer, and I don’t know a thing about coding” or “I want to learn how to code, but I don´t know anything about software”.Now that cliché is starting to become a bit less cliché.There are so many resources out there that are aimed at helping you get started with coding, but there’s […]

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Mobi website development to move to Google+

A company has announced it is moving its website development work to Google+, a new platform that is expected to offer faster and more responsive website development and scaling.Mobi, an Indian web portal, said it has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for an algorithm for automating the development of web sites on Google+.The company, which […]

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