Which Israeli company is behind the ‘Shooting the Moon’?

The Jerusalem post has been updated with more details about the shooting of the moon. We have been told that this is the first incident involving a human being being and not an automated drone. As such, it was the first reported human shooting of an unmanned aircraft. The story will be updated if more information comes to light. [UPDATE] We received confirmation from Denton, the […]

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Why Fennelly wants to create a website for the Holocaust

Fenneny, the developer behind the popular Jerusalem-based We Are Fennen website, is working on a new website.The project, which is named We Are The Fennenes, is a collaboration between Fenneni, a German-language news website that has more than 700,000 followers, and Israeli-based site News24, which has more of a following in the Middle East.We Are the Fennens website, which was […]

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