How to develop a simple developer website

The best way to build a simple website is to start with a good foundation.A basic design is the foundation.This is why the best developers always use an HTML5 website and then they start from there.The idea is to build the foundation first and then build the website after that.So what’s the best way?To start with the basics.You need a […]

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Why are the RBLOX team and their developers still not using the latest version of Mobi 3D

Developers at Mobi have been making great progress over the last few years and are working on a new version of the popular online game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.The game has been in development for nearly a year and is now in the works for a new release.“We’ve got the final product in the hands of our […]

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Mobi website development to move to Google+

A company has announced it is moving its website development work to Google+, a new platform that is expected to offer faster and more responsive website development and scaling.Mobi, an Indian web portal, said it has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for an algorithm for automating the development of web sites on Google+.The company, which […]

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