Which sites are going to have to change in order to survive in a future that’s changing?

Updated May 12, 2018 11:10:23When we looked at what’s coming up in the media landscape, we didn’t see a lot of sites that were going to survive.That’s not necessarily a bad thing, we just don’t see them.What’s going to happen?What are some of the changes that will be coming in the next few years?And if you want to get ahead […]

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Why are companies looking at blockchain?

I am an entrepreneur.When I was in college, I built a startup and a successful company in the area of web development.As I graduated, I had the opportunity to work in a Fortune 500 company.Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the chance to travel the world, attend a variety of tech conferences and workshops, and meet many […]

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How to make the best of a bad situation

Dental office workers in Ireland have been working overtime to improve the quality of their work.Online dental software developer Hyip is offering them a free website development kit.Hyip says the kit is designed to help dental professionals in their bid to get a better website in the future.The kit is based on the concept of a ‘web application’ which helps […]

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