The ‘fuzzy’ nature of internet data sets up problems for the new Australian copyright laws

Posted February 15, 2018 03:25:08 It can seem like the internet is full of data sets, but the new laws which take effect on January 1 will have a “fuzziness” to them, the Federal Government has warned.Copyright holders will also be able to challenge claims made against them under the new legislation, the Australian Copyright Council (ACCC) said. “A fair […]

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How to get rid of ‘aural clutter’ in Canberra website

The capital city of Australia is experiencing a resurgence of buzzwords.We know this because our city is known as a tech city and its population has been growing for decades.But it seems that in some quarters there are still a few people who don’t like what they are seeing in their city.The term “buzzword” is often used to describe these […]

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