Brain development website is in development for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

An app for brain development is in the works for the next iPhone.The website, named Brain Development, was unveiled by CEO Michael Stoffel on Monday at the Brain and Spine Conference in San Diego.The site offers free brain-related videos, a newsletter, and an app to help you get started.A brain scan is not a prerequisite to using the app, but […]

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How to make Flipkart the best mobile app store in India?

Flipkand, the company that runs Flipkarted, is planning to launch its first mobile app in India in two weeks.According to a report by The Times of India, Flipkarts new app will be called Flipkaree and will be the first one to run in India.The app will let users shop, check out movies and listen to music on their smart phones.The […]

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What happens if you need to make a webpage with a game engine?

Developer James Coyle recently started a company that builds and maintains websites for websites that are based on HTML5, a new HTML5 standard that allows websites to communicate with each other and interact with the outside world.Coyle and his team, called Bla, have developed a number of popular games for iOS and Android, including one with developer Quantic Dream.They also […]

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