By XDA-Developers StaffPublished Aug 06, 2018 09:59:00 XDA developers have been hard at work on a new website development platform for the XDA community, a platform called XDA Web Apps.

It will offer a wide variety of developers a way to build their own applications.XDA Web App will be built by XDA Team, the developers of the popular XDA app.

The team also plans to offer a number of new XDA web app development tools to the community, including support for PHP, JavaScript and Node.js.

XDA is a collaborative development community where anyone can contribute to a project.

The platform is based on the popular framework Xcode, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of developers across the world for over a decade.

In a statement announcing the news, XDA said XDA team would develop the XDApp platform and make it available for free to the X-developers community.

The new platform will allow developers to build and publish their own apps on top of XDA.

Developers can use XDA to build XDA applications on top the framework, but they also can use it to build an application that is built by another XDA developer and distributed to the general public.XDApp will provide a number or XDA related tools, such as the XCode development tools.

Developers will also be able to use the XBApps app development tool to develop XDA apps, which can then be distributed to XDA App users.

XDApps application developers can use the web app framework to create their own XDA websites, which will be accessible to the world.

Developers will be able download the Xcode IDE from XDA or the Xapp Development Tools from XDE, and they can also use the open source OpenJDK (JDK) compiler, which is used by XDapp.

The tools will be provided under the open license, but the platform will not support commercial licensing.

Xda Web Apps will be a fork of the X11 Web Applications platform.

X11Web Apps is an open source web application development framework that is used in most Linux distributions and the open-source projects Unity and Gnome.

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