article Developers have been busy for the last year, working on iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad, but they’re still a relatively new technology to the tech world.

As part of the developer program at Apple, developers get paid a portion of the sales of apps, but many still work on apps that haven’t yet been released for iOS.

There’s still a long way to go before developers can begin creating apps for iOS devices, but the latest Apple app to launch, AppSync, has given developers the ability to sync their apps between iOS devices and a Mac.

That means that developers have the ability take advantage of the platform’s new iCloud sync capabilities, which lets them sync apps between their Mac and iOS devices.

It also means that iOS apps can now be developed on both platforms.

AppSync also allows developers to use a third-party app to make sure their apps are compatible with iOS devices — but Apple’s iCloud sync is still a major selling point for developers.

Here’s how to build a new app for iOS with AppSync in a few minutes.

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