Apple is building an entire ecosystem around its iPhone, according to CEO Tim Cook.

“We’re building a platform for products that we sell to people that we think are going to be great,” Cook said during an interview with Bloomberg TV.

“And that means, for instance, in a world where people are talking about using an iPhone for video, and people want to watch movies with their iPhone, that platform is going to have to have a way to support those experiences.

And we have a lot of tools to make that happen.”

While it is not entirely clear what Apple’s plan is for the future of its App Store, Cook has previously said it will likely focus on bringing a variety of apps to its AppStore.

While the company is unlikely to build out an entirely new app ecosystem, it could potentially bring some of its existing apps to the platform.

Apple has also previously been working on an app store for iOS devices, but it has yet to officially launch the product.

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