Flipkard, the startup that has been accused of facilitating the importation of millions of counterfeit goods and running fake social media accounts, has been caught importing $3 billion worth of counterfeit and pirated goods, the company announced.

In a tweet, Flipkards CEO Deepak Goyal said that “flipkart and its affiliates, as well as Flipkantiyo, had imported nearly Rs 3.5 crore worth of fake and piratized goods through the company in the first half of 2017.”

Flipkard was also accused by Indian officials of running a fake social network called Flipkarte.

Flipkarts social media was suspended for a year after the accusations.

“Our investigation shows that the company and its affiliate Flipkanteyo had imported more than $3.5 billion worth fake and illegally pirated products and services into India in the last year.

We have launched a comprehensive investigation and have identified and suspended all affiliates involved,” Goyal wrote in the tweet.

India’s anti-counterfeiting unit (ACF) has said that Flipkardeys social media account was linked to the organization known as Flipkar.

According to reports, the group was also behind a fake Facebook account called Flipkar India which has since been deleted.

Flipkar has been under investigation since 2016 for the alleged involvement of its affiliates in the import of counterfeit merchandise.

India is on the lookout for more Flipkants and its related entities that are linked to illegal importation and sales.

The company has been criticized by the government for the recent importation arrests of Flipkanceys employees, who were arrested in September this year.

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