An estimated 5 million jobs will be created in the next decade in the United States, and the internet is poised to grow at a staggering rate of more than a billion new visitors per year.

The digital economy, which employs over half of all workers, is expected to contribute over $16 trillion to the U.S. economy, and its future will depend on how the digital economy will shape our national and global economic health.

This article will examine five states that are poised to lead the way for the next generation of digital entrepreneurs, as well as the state governments that are most likely to help them achieve their goals.

The article is based on a new interactive visualization from the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization focused on the economic, social, and political effects of the digital revolution.

It is the result of CDD’s work with the digital innovation team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to identify key policy and policy-related innovations that can drive economic growth, job creation, and innovation in the digital sector.

This interactive visualization analyzes policy and regulatory actions to help create and sustain the internet’s next wave of digital innovators.

CDD has worked on more than 50 of the most significant digital innovation initiatives in the U, and we are excited to present our interactive visualization to help state policymakers and business leaders think about what innovations will help them build a digital future for the United Kingdom and beyond.

We invite you to explore our interactive tool to see the data and find out more about what this interactive tool can tell you about which states will be leading the way in this important area.

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