Next Big Futures (NBF) are publishing their first ever article of the year.

In addition to discussing the winners, they have also released their first rankings for all 32 teams in the NBF, including a new top ten for each division.

The list is now available to read and share. 

The rankings are based on a methodology which will be discussed in more detail in a separate article, but in short it looks at team performances, as well as how they are performing in different aspects of the game. 

NBF’s methodology is based on the same metric as the previous one, but with more data collected on players. 

Each team has an “attention-capable” attribute which is measured from the team’s performance on the pitch.

The focus of this metric is on whether a team is able to get players forward into the attacking third, and if they are able to do so without getting caught out of position. 

This metric also gives a good indication of whether a given team has the ability to defend with their back line, as it gives a positive or negative number based on how effective they are defending against the opponent. 

Here are the rankings, sorted by league: Top 10 1. 

Bournemouth 2. 

Brighton 3. 

Chelsea 4. 

Coventry 5. Liverpool 6. 

Manchester United 7. 

Arsenal 8. Leicester 9. 

Sunderland 10. 

Southampton 1Bourness,Bourn,Chelsea,Brighton,Covent (Sunderlands) Bordeaux,Bourgogne,Bordeux Borussia Dortmund,Borger,Bosnia Bosnians,Borsig,Borstig Burnley,Burnley Celtic,Charlton Cardiff,Cheltenham Chelsea,Crystal Palace Derby,Derbyshire,Derby County Gillingham,Gloucester Guildford,Huddersfield Hibernian,Hull Islington,Leicester,Liverpool Leeds,Liverpool,Manchester City Leicestershire,Leicesfield Manchester,Manchester United,Liverpool (Celtics) Northampton,Norwich Oldham,Portsmouth,Reading Portsmoor Reading Shrewsbury,Swindon St Helens,Surrey Tottenham,West Ham West Brom Wiltshire,Worcester Worcestershire West Ham United,Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolversea,Wrexham

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