By Ryan SchusterCincinnati is a city known for its quirky street art, quirky history, and the vibrant and diverse population.

In 2015, Cincinnati became the first city in the U.S. to be designated as a game developer developer.

With a strong local presence, local players, and a rich community of passionate developers, the city is set to be a game hub for years to come.

However, as of 2016, there were still many challenges facing Cincinnati developers.

Today, the Cincinnati City Code is expanding its definition of a game dev to include “developer of a web game,” which can encompass anything from creating an app for iOS or Android, to making a game with an online component.

This is an exciting time for the city and for game developers, as it will give us an additional level of visibility and accountability in Cincinnati.

As part of this new definition, we are now working with the City of Cincinnati to create a list of developers who are actively developing and releasing iOS and/or Android games for the Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

This list will provide local game developers with an easy and transparent pathway to receive our support and resources.

In the next few months, the City is planning to host the first major event on this new designation, Cincinnati Indie Game Developer’s Conference (CIGDC), where local and international game developers will be able to share information and learn from each other.

The City will host the event at the Cincinnati Museum of Art (CMAA), a historic venue that is the perfect venue for showcasing local and regional game development.

As a proud member of the Cincinnati Indie Developers Association, I am excited to be working with Cincinnati City to help bring the community a greater appreciation of local game development and to help establish a platform for local game studios.

In the next two months, we will also be hosting a series of events that will focus on our local community and developers, including a series called “Game Developers Showcase,” which is expected to be held at CMAA this fall.

The event will be held during the second weekend of October, and will showcase some of the local, regional, and national developers that are actively working on the iOS and /or Android versions of our games.

In addition to this new development, we also have a long-term plan to expand our website development and development tools, including the upcoming beta of our iOS and Google Play Store apps, which will be available to our community in the near future.

In a city with so many opportunities to grow our game industry, we must do everything we can to ensure our developers have the resources to reach their full potential.

Our city has many great game development resources and we are committed to providing them to our developers as they continue to create their own unique, compelling games.

The Cincinnati Indie Developer’s Association is excited to work with City officials to develop a roadmap for our city and community to support local developers and make Cincinnati a game development hub.

This new development designation will help bring more attention to Cincinnati’s game development ecosystem, and it will help to foster our industry in the long run.

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