By Anil Dash, Technology EditorAnil Dash / Tech EditorAnurag Gupta / Technology EditorIndia has one of the most competitive job market for IT professionals.

The IT job market is becoming increasingly competitive, with companies looking to hire from across the country.

However, many IT professionals have no experience in web development, making them an easy target for outsourcing companies, says Sanjay Kumar, founder of software consulting firm The Digital Solution, which provides software development training and consulting services.

This is where the bootcamp industry comes in.

These online bootcamps provide students with a free course on the topics of website development and website management.

According to The Digital Solutions’ founder, Anurag Gupte, students will get their hands dirty with the skills of a developer at the end of the boot camp, as well as the experience to build websites that will ultimately be successful on the world stage.

According the Bootcamp industry’s website, over 70 lakh people have participated in its courses since the launch of its Indian branch last year.

The Bootcamp company, which is headquartered in Bengaluru, is now offering classes in the US, Europe and Japan.

Students will work alongside industry veterans like Web Developer Mark Grosch and Web Designer and Designer-in-Chief, Michael Stoll.

They will learn the fundamentals of web development from the ground up, from building the first website, to the development of a fully functional website.

Students will also be introduced to the technology behind the development process.

It is also possible to learn how to build a responsive website from scratch, from using Bootstrap to make the layout responsive and responsive to mobile devices.

Anurang Gupta, founder and CEO of Bootcamp, says that the students will be taught the core skills of web developers, which will help them become more effective in the future.

The students will also get hands-on experience in the world of online marketing, including marketing automation and website optimization, and SEO.

Guptel says that in the next two years, the company will offer a free website development course in every state in India, where the students can get online access.

In the next couple of years, we plan to add classes in every Indian state and the UK, he says.

The courses will also include a website design course, and a web development course, as the company works on creating a curriculum for future courses.

The company will also offer a variety of courseware, including a web design course and a software development course.

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