In a stunning turnaround, the site for the Walt Disney World Resort and California Adventure Resort is now available for free online.

In a move that comes just weeks after Disney announced it would be making a $4.4bn investment in the theme park, Disney will offer the site to visitors for free starting at 7am local time today.

The free site, which has been built over the past five years and includes over 50 million photos, is designed to allow people to upload their own photos and photos of friends and family.

The new free site comes after Disney last year announced that it would offer a similar feature at Disney Springs, where visitors can upload their photos and videos to a digital archive and share them with friends and other Disney parks around the world.

While the new site has been designed to help users upload their pictures and videos of family members, it will not provide content for guests to share or monetise, according to the company.

The announcement comes as the Walt Hollywood Studios theme park is undergoing a major overhaul, with the opening of the Walt Magic Land and the launch of Disney Cruise Line’s first new Disney resort since 1995.

The Disneyland Resort, which opened in June, is also now fully open, and guests can access the park for the first time in decades, with plans to reopen in 2019.

The Walt Disney Parks Blog has also revealed the latest news from the Walt Parks, which include the opening date for the Disneyland Resort at Disneyland park, opening of a new resort, and a new ride called the Magic Journey at Walt Disney Studios.

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