The Montreal developer behind the online workforce development tool is putting his plan into action, and it’s one that could change the way many employers find out about their employees.

The tool is called the CareerBuilder, and in an interview with The Globe and Mail, Scott McCarty, a Toronto-based employee benefits lawyer, outlined how he plans to integrate it into his firm’s online workforce management system.

“There are a lot of other ways of doing it that people haven’t even thought about,” McCarty said.

“I’ve never thought of that.

I mean, you think, ‘well, maybe we could do that in the private sector.’

Well, what if I did it in a public sector workplace?”

Employers already know how to use CareerBuilder to find out what job openings exist, and to find employees who might be the right fit for them.

They also use it to look for workers to fill vacancies on their payrolls.

But McCarty’s tool would allow them to connect with those people directly through the website.

The tool allows employers to find potential employees by providing job openings on a CareerBuilder website.

The online job listings will then be displayed to the workforce development staff who manage the jobs, so the hiring team can then pick the candidate they want.

“We are going to have a process where the employer will contact the person, ask them to fill in the job, and then get a direct line from them to the employee,” McCarter said.

“I’m going to do this as a private entity that will have the authority to ask the employee, ‘can you do this?’ and the employee will then go through the process of hiring and training.”

A job posting for a software developer.

The site includes the option to contact employees directly, so they can be trained on the process.

(CBC)The CareerBuilder tool is part of a larger trend in Canada and the U.S. of online workforce recruitment sites like CareerBuilder and Zappos, which allow employers to hire more employees online and get them to sign up through the site.

McCarty and his company are hoping to bring this concept to the Canadian workplace, as well.

“We see it as a way to have more efficient recruitment,” McCartysaid.

“There are fewer people that have to go through these processes.

I think it’s a way of allowing people to actually be more effective and efficient, and the person is going to get more value out of it.”

In the interview, McCarty outlined his plans to build the tool into the system, which would then be used by all employers in Canada.

For example, CareerBuilder would have an option to send job seekers direct messages, so that they can fill in job openings.

Employers could also use the tool to find and connect employees with opportunities on their own payrolls, which could allow for more flexible hiring policies.

The CareerBuddy tool is the name of the tool that McCarty will be putting into place in his Montreal office.

The online worker management system would be part of an overall solution that would also include an app for employers.

McCartiesaid that this would also be a tool that employers could integrate into their own job-searching platforms, so it would be a better way to do it for employers who use those platforms.

Employers who want to use the CareerBuddysource app would also have access to the Career Builder tool, as the app will provide access to job postings on a website, and be a more accurate and streamlined means of finding employees.

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