An acquisition that would have brought Google and Apple together as one giant in the search world is in trouble, and the stakes are high.

The tech giants have spent years developing their own versions of the search engines that have become synonymous with their platforms.

They are now in the process of buying up other companies that have similar products, including Yahoo and Twitter, for a combined $8.4 billion.

And in the past month, they’ve been ramping up their investments in companies that offer their own search products.

The companies are expected to announce at least one of them soon.

Alphabet and Google’s investment would allow them to make their own version of the Google search engine, which would be called Google Now.

But its future would be in doubt if Apple and Google don’t come up with a deal.

What you need from TechRepublic:Apple’s deal with Google is a game changer in the tech industry.

But will this be the last time we see it?

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Apple’s acquisition could create a “game changer” for the search industry, according to the New York Times, which described it as “a deal that would bring Google and Facebook together as a single giant in search.”

Google would become the world’s leading search engine and have access to billions of people’s information.

The company could then make billions of dollars in advertising.

It could also develop its own version, which it said would offer search options that are tailored to individual needs.

Google would also be able to create its own search app for Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

But the company would also have to get approval from Apple, which is a sign that its approval process is not easy to achieve.

Apple already owns many of the most popular search engines, including Google and Yahoo.

Apple also owns a number of other search services, including Bing and Yahoo!

It also has a mobile operating system that makes it possible to run most search apps.

The $8bn deal is part of a $40 billion deal that Google has been negotiating with Apple for months.

In addition to the search company, Apple also has been acquiring businesses such as photo sharing platform Dropbox, which recently hired former Yahoo executive Mike Schiller as CEO.

The company is also in talks with Apple to acquire video-sharing platform Vine.

Apple has been working with Google to get its own product built by its engineers, including developers, in a bid to speed up the launch of the company’s next major product, a mobile software that could make iPhones and Apple TV better tablets.

Google and Apple have had their differences over a number.

Google’s Android smartphone operating system is considered more stable and popular than Apple’s iOS operating system.

But Google has also been in the market for ways to monetize its search services.

Last month, Google announced a deal to acquire search giant Yahoo for $4.5 billion.

That deal would see Google pay $12 per search search result.

But that deal was quickly pulled from the table because of concerns about antitrust concerns.

The new deal, however, appears to be moving ahead, as the two companies are working on a deal that will see Google make its own copy of Google Now, according the New Yorker.

The New York Post reports that the deal is in the final stages of being negotiated.

If approved, it would create the world-class search platform that is expected to make its way to iPhones and other products.

But it’s unclear how quickly Google can develop its app, or how much Apple will be able afford to pay for it.

Apple has already spent years building its own versions, and Google is now building its version of its own mobile operating systems, according TechRepublic.

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