A security researcher says the discovery of a vulnerability in online gambling platforms could open the door to gambling scams, which may involve fraudsters tricking users into accepting a payout, without revealing the identity of the scammer.

The vulnerability was discovered by Matthew Phelan, a researcher at the security firm Check Point, and published on Wednesday in a blog post titled ‘Dirty little secrets that could open your bet’.

Phelan said the vulnerabilities could be exploited to allow scammers to steal money or to trick users into giving them money by pretending to be someone else.

Phelen said the vulnerability could allow scams to create a fake user name on a gambling platform that users would not recognize as their real one.

He also said the bug could allow an attacker to access the account and change the settings to steal funds, or to allow the scammers and their users to use the account to create fake accounts or other scams.

Phelpan wrote that the vulnerability was found in three popular online gambling companies: Bet365, BetSafe and GoGambling.

He said these three companies had a security team that worked hard to fix the vulnerability.

“The company responsible for the most popular online gaming platforms in the world, Bet365 and BetSafe, is known to be one of the most highly secured and secured companies in the industry, and has the highest levels of security available to the public,” Phelen wrote.

“It is also the company that made it possible for the authors of the vulnerability to obtain access to their accounts.”

This vulnerability is now open to public scrutiny and research, and is the only way to fully understand the risks posed by this vulnerability and to address them.

“A successful attack on Bet365 or BetSafe could allow a fraudster to obtain money in exchange for false information about the identity and location of the original user of the account.”

However, if a successful attack is successful, a fraud might also be able to get away with fraudulent activity of their own, by convincing the user that they are a third party.

“In a statement to the ABC, Bet Safe said it had released a patch to address the vulnerability, and that it had been working with the industry on how to fix it.”

BetSafe actively monitors its security and vulnerability disclosure process and provides the industry with information to assist with these issues, including the status of our ongoing investigation,” the statement said.”

We have also developed a series of alerts for consumers and developers that give them the opportunity to report any potential vulnerabilities to us so we can fix them as quickly as possible.

“A spokesman for GoGolf, which operates online casinos across Australia, said it was “aware of the issue and taking the necessary steps to address it”.”

We are working with our partners to develop a solution that will prevent this from happening in the future,” GoGong said.


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