More than one-third of the owners of the NFL are expected to join a group of owners to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to find a resolution to the protests.

The meeting will be the first of its kind and it will be held at the league’s headquarters in New York on Wednesday.

Goodell has refused to make public any details of the discussions.

Goodell and the NFL Players Association have been locked in a bitter dispute that has seen them split the league over players’ right to protest in the league office.

NFL owners have repeatedly refused to sanction players who kneel during the national anthem, arguing the protests are not the same as the flag-burning or the civil rights movement.

The protests have been a major factor in the 2016 election.

The NFL owners will meet to try to agree on a deal that would allow the league to continue with players kneeling during the anthem, and that could include players who have already played in the NFL and those who will take their place in the upcoming season.

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