The NFL is in the midst of a transition, as teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons seek to reinvent themselves and gain more national exposure.

As a result, it’s essential that teams use the same basic process to make a successful website.

Here are five key steps teams can take to help get their websites online and gain exposure for their teams:1.

Find a local company.

The Steelers are the latest team to make the leap to the digital realm, signing former Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to a two-year deal with the Cleveland Browns.

While Roethisberger’s contract isn’t set to expire until 2020, his $18 million base salary will be up for renewal this season.

The team has also made a splash signing former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones to a six-year, $90 million contract extension.2.

Get your website built by a local developer.

The Falcons are one of a handful of teams that are using a local contractor to build their website, according to the team.

The contract that the team signed with Kinko’s is for $500,000, but they’ll be paying $500 a day to use their website’s server for the next year, according the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The cost of hosting a team’s website is typically around $200 per day, so a local site could save the team more than $300,000 annually.3.

Design the site from scratch.

The Atlanta Falcons are the only team to use a local professional developer to build the site.

With the NFL’s new rules regarding league-wide media rights, the Falcons are expected to sign a contract to use the Kinkos for all media related work.

That means the team will be able to run its own media operations and utilize the Kinks’ server to host their website.

The only downside to using a KinkOS-built site is that it requires a lot of manpower, but it could still save the Falcons $1.6 million a year in hosting costs.4.

Use Google and Bing to find your target audience.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are using Google and Twitter to target fans who are fans of the team and want to watch the team’s games.

The same tactics are applied to the Atlanta Falcons, with a team spokesman citing “loyalty, respect, and love of our local community.”

The Atlanta Falcons have used Google and other search engines to find their target audience for their website to help it be more competitive in the search market.

The search engine has become a primary tool in the NFL as teams try to stay relevant in the digital age.

With that in mind, it makes sense for a team like the Falcons to use it.5.

Use the NFL Website to promote the team or the organization.

The most common method of promoting a local team or organization is through social media, according NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The league has found that using social media and other media platforms can help attract fans to a team or its organization.

With social media now a popular way for teams to reach fans, a team that can build its website from scratch and attract fans through social platforms can potentially reap huge financial benefits.

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