You don’t have to be a developer to build websites for babies.

Here’s how.


Choose a CMS You can use any CMS to build baby’s website.

The best CMS is the one that you’re comfortable with.

It’s not just the size, it’s also the theme.

For example, we use CMS Baby.

For free.

It has tons of features.

If you need a bigger CMS, you can buy one.

We use Drupal for baby sites, which is a fantastic CMS.

It is a very powerful CMS.

You can create baby sites on it, and it’s easy to use.


Set up your site In the CMS Baby site settings, choose your CMS.

If your site has more than one theme, choose one.

You’ll need to choose the theme that fits your baby’s needs.

If the theme doesn’t work for you, you’ll need the theme for the rest of the site.

For our baby site, we’ve chosen WordPress.


Add a logo In the Baby site logo settings, go to Settings.

Add an image for your logo.

You may need to tweak this a bit to suit your baby.

Choose the type of image you want your logo to have, and click Add.


Add links In the Child theme settings, click Settings.

Under the General section, choose the Child Theme.

In the child theme settings area, click the Add a new link button.

Click OK.

You need to create a new domain name for your new website, and add it to your site.

Now, when you click Add a link, you need to provide your domain name.

In this case, it would be


Add text In the Parent theme settings menu, choose Settings.

Choose your Parent Theme.

Now click the Parent Theme Options.

Choose Text for your child’s name.

The child name you chose needs to be in capital letters.

For this baby, it should be Baby.


Add video In the Video Settings menu, select Settings.

In Video Settings, click Add Video.

Now choose the type that works for your baby: High Definition, Single-Player, Fullscreen, or Video in a YouTube Video.

You’re now ready to start creating baby websites.

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