The Jerusalem post has been updated with more details about the shooting of the moon. 

We have been told that this is the first incident involving a human being being and not an automated drone. 

As such, it was the first reported human shooting of an unmanned aircraft. 

The story will be updated if more information comes to light. 

[UPDATE] We received confirmation from Denton, the developer of the video that the incident took place. 

Denton told us that they were informed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) that the drone was in the process of firing at a Palestinian man, a reference to this incident, but that the shooting did not occur at this time. 

It was a small unmanned aircraft, he added. 

“They said that they shot at this person and that there was no one in the area. 

They didn’t tell us that this was a man or a woman. 

I’m not sure who it was. 

But we knew that it was a drone.

They said that it is not an aircraft and that the people in the vicinity are okay. 

 We didn’t know what they were saying,” Denton said. 

Earlier this week, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Israeli officials have confirmed the shooting took place at the scene of the shooting, and that several people were injured. 

A source told Haaretz that the drone fired two shots that penetrated the top of the unmanned aircraft before it crashed, and the impact caused damage to the drone’s fuselage. 

An Israeli military spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

(Read more: Hamas: Israel’s drone shot by rocket, drone shot at moon) In October, Dennis Brinkley of the Institute for Defense Analyses said “The Israeli Defense Ministry confirmed that the Israeli army used a drone at a firing range in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba on Wednesday.” 

The Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli military, and the MOD all denied that they had fired a drone in the Beershabe incident. 

At the time, the Israeli military said that “this is not the first time a drone was fired at an Israeli military target. 

Israel has an arsenal of some 500 drones that it has used in the past, including those fired by the IDF. 

In addition to firing unmanned aircraft at targets, Israel also maintains manned drones that are designed to conduct surveillance and other missions in the air. 

Last month, the MOD confirmed that drones used by the Israel Air Force had been used in Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. 

However, the moderately large drone was reportedly not used to shoot rockets at civilian targets. 

According to Haaretz, A spokesperson for the MOD said the incident in Beershelba was a result of an unauthorized aerial operation and the military has not conducted aerial operations in Beeshelba in a few years. 

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Force told Reuters that their air force did not have any drones in the country at the time of the incident.”

If the operation is to continue in Beirheba, there is no need for additional drones in Beergheba.””

The operation in Beit Shemesh was conducted by a single squadron of drones. 

If the operation is to continue in Beirheba, there is no need for additional drones in Beergheba.”

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