Posted November 03, 2018 09:17:16 The website for the Detroit Lions is going live, and the team is giving the first crack at some of its first official logos.

It’s a pretty ambitious project that, for now, only includes the Detroit flag and the name of the city.

The Detroit Lions team logo will be on display in Detroit on Tuesday.

It’ll be a pretty big deal for the team.

The logo, which was developed in partnership with design firm Kroll Associates, is the first official logo for the Lions.

There were a few other logos that came out over the years.

The team’s official colors were orange, white, and blue.

But the Lions were never allowed to use their own colors, and it took six years to complete.

The Lions logo was first used in 1993, but it didn’t make it into the final version of the official team logo until 2002.

The new logo is not the first time that the Lions have changed their team logo, as other teams have done so over the last couple of years.

Before the Lions logo, the team used the logo that used to go up on the sides of their helmets and the front of their jerseys.

The current logo is also a big deal, as it represents the Detroit team for more than a decade.

In 2018, the Detroit Sports Commission announced the Lions would no longer use their name and logo on their jerseys, so they changed the logo to the name “Lions” and then “Sports.”

Now, all the logos will be shown up in a new section of the Detroit skyline.

The old logo will stay on the stadium roof, but will also appear on the Detroit River in the city’s downtown.

The logos will also be on the new website and on Detroit’s official website.

The website will have the Lions’ official logo on the front page, along with a “Detroit Lions” section that will have a lot of images and videos about the team and the city, as well as a “lioness” section with photos of the Lions mascot, Lola.

The site is also going to show the Lions and Detroit Lions merchandise, along by giving the team a new website icon.

It will look like this: “Detroit” logo, “Lionesses” logo.

The first logo will only show up in Detroit for a few days, but we’ll see it more and more frequently in the coming weeks.

The design firm behind the new logo said the site will be open to the public for a couple of days, and they expect it to be up by Wednesday.

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