India’s top computer scientist and his wife have been hacked for allegedly links to terror groups.

The Bhojanwadi Developers website, which includes information on projects that were recently launched, was allegedly hacked by unknown attackers on Friday, the company said in a statement.

The developers said the website was hacked on Thursday.

It was not immediately clear who the attackers are.

Bhojwari is the fourth Indian company to be hacked, after Aditya Birla’s company, Birlasoft, and the technology firm Softbank.

Birlosoft was hacked in February, and Softbank’s servers were also hacked in March.

Softbank has said it is investigating the incident.

“We are investigating the matter with the Indian Cyber Crime Cell (ICC), Cyber Security Department, and have requested all concerned persons to cooperate with our inquiry.

We are also looking into the security breach on the Bhoja website,” a company spokesperson said in an email to Reuters.

The company also said it has no knowledge of any connection to the Mumbai terror attack in March, or any terrorist attacks in India in the past year.

Birlasong also said the site had been restored, but would remain inaccessible.

“Our servers were hacked and the website will be offline for the time being,” the company tweeted.

The news comes after Bhojabai developers, a group of developers who work on software for mobile devices, were hacked in India.

They had posted an update on their website that said the attacks were related to the ongoing investigations into the Mumbai attack.

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