Google’s website development program is being shut down, the company announced Thursday.

The move comes amid a push by technology companies to recruit and retain the best developers, in an effort to fill out the ranks of its workforce with developers with specialized skills and experience in each area of the company’s business.

Google’s announcement came in a blog post announcing it is shutting down its website development team, which includes developers working on Google+ and other Google products.

The website development industry is changing quickly and we’re looking to ensure our employees have the skills they need to stay in the industry.

Google said the site development team will continue to be active, and its Google Developer Program has already helped hundreds of developers find work.

The new hire program will require developers to be able to code in C++, Java, and Python.

Those who can’t find that particular programming language can apply for positions in another, less competitive programming language.

The blog post did not elaborate on the nature of those positions.

Google also announced it would be hiring more than 5,000 new developers over the next two years.

The company says the hiring will target programmers who have experience in its Android mobile apps and other products, as well as its Chrome browser.

In a blogpost, Google also said it is “removing from the Google Developer program” all developers who have worked at a company that does not have at least 100 people working in its technology team.

The announcement came amid a recent wave of hiring that Google said it hopes to see more companies follow suit.

The tech company said it has been hiring about 150 new developers per week for the past three months, and it expects that to rise to 200 by the end of 2018.

The decision to close down the site developers program comes a few months after the company said in a press release that it was creating a new “team of global site developers” to help build and manage Google+ content.

That team includes some of the highest-paid site developers in the world.

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