What we know so far:1.

The new generation of games is going to be made with less code.

As developers continue to use code in games, they’re reducing the number of things that have to be written and rewrote to achieve the same effect as a more traditional game.2.

Code has gone the way of the dodo.

In the past, a game’s design and code were used to determine what would work and what wouldn’t.

Now, developers are choosing to use algorithms, the same ones used in search engines and other tools, to create game systems that allow them to create anything they want to in the same time it takes to design a game.3.

It’s time for developers to get paid for their work.

As a result, the salaries paid to game developers have plummeted.4.

The future of video games is being shaped by games that don’t need to be.

The same way that movies and music videos are increasingly written for computers and streaming platforms, video games need to take advantage of their own inherent power to create unique experiences.

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