The big four publishers have joined forces to develop a ‘digital publishing game’, and are set to launch it in 2016.

The move comes as online services like Netflix and Amazon push into the digital space, and is likely to help boost their revenues.

The four publishers are: Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft.

Amazon said the ‘Game of Publishing’ was aimed at developers who were interested in ‘developing an app for publishing to a variety of platforms, including mobile, tablet and desktop, as well as games.’

It said that the service would help ‘build a community around publishing apps’.

It will be ‘a subscription-based service, providing access to the platform and tools for developers, publishers and other stakeholders to collaborate’.

The ‘Game’ is an app that will allow you to upload your book to a library and have it read by a panel of judges.

The ‘Book’ is a digital version of the book that will be shared with the public and will have all the metadata that is required to publish.

The game is expected to be released in the summer.

The other publishers that have signed up are: Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, according to the press release.

Apple said it was looking to collaborate with developers on ‘digital content’, and it would provide access to its App Store and the Cloud to publishers to ‘deliver publishing services to their customers’.

It said it would also be working with developers to develop ‘digital book services’ that would be ‘as robust as publishers’ services’.

Microsoft said it ‘believes that there is a growing demand for digital publishing services for writers, and we are excited to partner with them’.

It added that ‘many of our most talented writers are already publishing their content to Amazon and Apple App Stores’.

Amazon added that it was ‘investing heavily in our writers and authors to deliver better content for our customers and help them publish more books’.

It is unclear how much revenue the service will generate.

It is not clear whether the service is being developed by a traditional publisher, or by an online platform like Netflix or Amazon.

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